Our mission: delivering excellent software solutions, as fast, convenient, economical and sustainable as possible.

Our Mission

For two decades, we are comitted to provide excellent software solutions to our customers under the best possible conditions, as well as to significiantly improve the way we work and the results by steadily learning and researching.

To us, that means:

  • ...to work with leading edge technology and best practises
  • ...to highly speedup software delivery by using automation and other sophisticated approaches
  • ...to simplify and ease software specification for our customers in innovative ways
  • ...to reduce software development costs - by magnitudes
  • ...to practise sustainability: not only being, but staying agile, staying independent of technologies, thereby continously protecting your investments

Our Offering



Our brand new flagship fairyloom delivers you your own individual software as a convenient, reliable and affordable service, which leaves you freedom of choice and of independence.

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The one-stop-place to collect and organise your business designs within a team of colleagues and experts - and to take full control of obtaining individual software. Get your own board in the fairyloom shop.

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Of course, we develop individual software solutions based on conventional specifications. We offer agile collaboration as well as traditional approaches - for many years, we are proficient with both.

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Our consise and elegant concepts have been regularly appreciated by our customers. We offer pin sharp analytical capabilities as well as sustainably economic designs - but first of all: we try to listen.

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Coding is our passion. We collected experiences in many IT areas, like databases, frontends, logic, automation, language crafting, services of all sizes, processes, scripting, artificial intelligence and system administration. We also would like to code for you!

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Symbolised by our faithful and charming mammoth, EM/OS, the Enterprise Model Operation Services, is a collection of highly innovative and mature open source components. EM/OS is the rock-solid reliable foundation of our services.

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Over the last two decades we continously researched new ways of specifying and producing software. The result is EM/OS, the businessboard, and finally fairyloom. And we keep on researching.



While software development is much about understanding, collaboration, learning and experience - sometimes it's just magic. We also collected knowledge in some less widespread areas, like artificial intelligence, cryptography and embedded systems. This is not our core offering, but you are welcome to ask.

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Where we come from

The Pre-Sphenon Days


First template based code generator (C), experiments with single User Interface for different media simultaneously


Based on failures in the industry and own experiences, we published a farsighted concept for generic software, seeking alternatives to plain code generation ("Cyberspace Architecture Project")


First prototype of a media-independant user interface (VUI alpha)


At POET Software, development of "WebFactory": an award-winning database application server, taking advantage of VUI technology.


Improved template based generator and template language (perl, XML).


Sphenon - EM/OS Research & Development


Foundation of Sphenon GmbH


Onsecure Insurance web portal: first completely automated generation of all software layers based on pre-EM/OS components ("EM/OS 0.9"). Full generation cycle took 2.5 hours.


EM/OS 1.0 - Refactoring of generative UI layer and other components


Solutions based on EM/OS (electronic product portal, insurance portal, masterdata administration)


Foundation of oomodels.org, an open, wiki based online repository for executable business models


‣ EM/OS 2.0 - Complete refactoring and Java migration of all layers and components, integration with visual model editors and various infrastructure
‣ First Open Source Components of EM/OS


Warehouse management and inventory control system, first pure visual model driven and generation of full featured, performant and pure Java solution. Full generation cycle now 11 minutes.


‣ EM/OS 3.0 - Complete Executable Models
‣ EM/OS 3.6 - UBPML Business Process Models und Engine

Sphenon - Disruptive Reinvention


‣ Researching better ways of Product & Service offering
‣ Maturing on Service Design Thinking and other agile techniques
‣ Development and Evaluation of minimal viable prototypes for modern customer interfaces to EM/OS (businessboard alpha)


‣ EM/OS 4.0 - various quality, performance, broadening and usability improvements
‣ businessboard 1.0 - browser and cloud based business model collaboration and production control application
‣ Full generation cycle now typically around 1-3 minutes


‣ Restructuring Sphenon GmbH, development of new business model
‣ Brand and Service development (fairyloom alpha)
‣ Open Source Release of EM/OS Runtime


fairyloom 1.0 - worlds first self- or full-service customised software provisioning service
‣ businessboard 2.0 - profound modelling capability and usability improvements
‣ EM/OS 5.0 - businessboard & fairyloom integration, major quality and performance improvements


‣ Docker-Containerisation
‣ VueJS/VUI User Interface Binding
‣ Architecture Specification in the Business-Model (Full-Stack, Microservice, Single-Layer etc.)
‣ DevOps-Bindings: ansible, docker, vagrant, terraform


What lies ahead

Continously improving EM/OS & businessboard


‣ Model versioning in the businessboard
‣ Intensified utilisation of Architecture-Models


‣ Embedded Devices & IoT Solutions
‣ NoSQL-Binding


‣ Virtual Reality User Interfaces (in Sicht: X3D rendering)
‣ Create Models based on raw texts with machine learning


Evolution of fairyloom


‣ Better understanding of Customer needs
‣ Service partnerships
‣ Improving shop usability, integration of payment service

Who's behind

EM/OS and the businessboard have been developed in different partnerships and project contexts over the years. The vast majority was contributed by:

Andreas Leue

Andreas Leue

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Wolf Müller

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Bernd Weber

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